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As one of Colorado’s premier Attorney firms, there’s one thing we never forget: you are an elephant.

Don’t worry – it’s a compliment. Elephants are smart, they’re protective of the things that matter to them… and you never get a second chance to make a first impression with one.

The fact is, elephants really do have remarkable memories. Years after meeting, it will remember your first encounter. Which is why it’s so important to make that meeting a positive one.

We feel the same way. You will remember the first time you meet a new Attorney. You will decide quickly whether you want to work with them. And we intend to impress you.

At Grund, Dagner & Jung, we aren’t ashamed to ask for your business.

We want to work with thoughtful, considered clients who value our commitment to exemplary ethical standards, and who are impressed our equally-strong determination to secure the desired outcome for them.

We believe that when we meet, we will create an outstanding first impression. And you have our personal commitment that we’ll work hard to keep that client focus throughout our relationship.

Our clients have may reasons to retain us. But chief among them is the simple fact that as Attorneys at Law with dozens of years’ experience behind us, we have a deep-seated knowledge of Colorado law, as well as legal precedents in neighboring Rocky Mountain states.

As Attorneys, our commitments to our clients extend far beyond the courtroom, though you will find us there, aggressively pursuing their interests when appropriate. We are dedicated to investigating and making sense of complexity; unraveling complicated transactions; vigorously pursuing claims; defending against actions; and all the while, considering the financial and personal commitments of our clients.

Our approach is a unique mixture of pragmatism and strength, which has resulted in favorable results for our clients on hundreds of occasions.

We are not your average Attorneys. We truly believe that the standards of our profession require that we balance commonsense with advocacy, so that when our clients are asked for a recommendation, they have no hesitation in passing along the names of Grund, Dagner & Jung.

We are realistic about what we do. We’re not ice-cream salespeople: we are the people you approach when you need help: and more specifically, when you need the kind of knowledge that makes the other guy think twice.

That being said, we like to think that we make your case personal – both in how we get to know you, your business, your motivations, and your legal issues; and in how we personally involve ourselves in the work.

We are lawyers who continually seek to improve ourselves through ongoing education and familiarizing ourselves with developments in the law.

Despite being highly-experienced, we still enthusiastically sign up to learn more about our chosen profession.

That dedication can only be of benefit to our clients. It keeps us ahead of the competition, and ahead of the curve.

When you work with the law firm of Grund, Dagner & Jung, P.C. you can rest assured that you will receive outstanding personal service, as well as the professional services of people who take true pleasure in being very good at what they do.

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